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Improvements and Action Plan
Erwood Station is situated on the Banks of the Wye Valley SSSI and SAC
The grid referance is;     SO08444440 when clicking the above link

Our Valley hosts a rich diversity of natural beauty, heritage and wildlife. We respect the environment and supporting local shops and providers as much as possible. We hope to nurture the environment and our visitors. We want Erwood to be as eco-friendly as possible and are committed to sustainability. Please pick up any litter you find on your walks to and from Erwood – keep Wales tidy.

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We promote Welsh language and culture, and highlight local events throughout the year.
We have managed to keep our costs down because of efficiency measures we have put in place, I understand the importance of reducing our emissions and saving money in this economic climate.  
We hope you follow us in trying to cut your carbon emissions and that we may offer you advice when we have completed our changes

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We endeavour to keep our pages up to date, please do drop us an e-mail if you want to help in any way, with the projects, or keeping the website up to date. Thank fully the electricity reader (smart meter) on loan has made us aware of our costs, and we will be doing our best to reduce these, so we can still bring you a great service and great art and craft at a great price.
We have decided not to enter the GTBS scheme but do consider others’ action plans, eg the carbon trust
We would welcome a business to benchmark with. If you have any ideas of how you would like to help Erwood to develop in the next 5 years please let us know.


What we have achieved 2010

We have changed all our bulbs to Energy Saving.  
Have filled in all gaps  with expanding foam and putty, and also filled in the gaps between the carriages and the platform to cut down draughts and keep the heat in
We have 2 dehumidifiers which help in conjunction with the electric heaters
We use environmental products where we can
When we needed a new  computer we researched it and now we only use 20watts instead of 140watts because of eco pc.
The computer is also on power saver mode, and goes into hibernation after 5 mins, and the screen after 2mins.

What we currently do

We hoover the vents at the back of our fridge and this should also be done on your freezers every 6 months
We do our own recycling
We are as local as you will find with arts, crafts and Carols’ cakes
We compost all our teabags and coffee granules, great for the worms and the plants!
We ask all visitors to help us be environmentally conscious
Please turn off the lights after using the toilet
Get involved with our green gym
Follow us as we implement changes
Sign up to our quarterly e-newsletter.

Our Aims 2011

Lag the hot water pipes
Clean all the lights every time the clock goes forward, or back.
We have tested,so are glad to promote the B-bug
Water meter – find it and read, with all taps turned off - clear the steam to read the meter( if not visible by pressing button  – if it is not working properly you could be getting charged for water that you are not using)


We are hoping to obtain a grant for Photovoltaic Panels for the roof – Solar Power,
water purifiers, and using rain water for the toilets – I am open to offers of help with this project.
Also we may try and get some electric assisted bikes for visitor use.
Double glazing on carriages,
Insulate walls and roof of carriages
thermostatic controls
Extra insulation and draft exclusion underneath the carriages.

We are also researching the possibility of a small wind turbine, to help power the back carriages - free to use (donations to the Friends of Erwood Station) for community groups, charities and not for profit organisations – or maybe as a project people would like to help me build one?Please do get in touch if you are interested.

We hope for all our bulbs to be Halogen or LED’s.
To obtain a more efficient water boiler.

Curtains / blinds for the winter period.
Have light – motion, PIR sensors installed in the toilets.
We also plan to work out the cost of a new lighting system.

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The Wye and Ithon Bat Box Scheme

The bats boxes at Erwood Station form part of a larger bat box scheme in the Wye and Ithon valleys. The boxes have been in place since 1985 and are probably the longest running bat box scheme in Wales. A sister scheme runs in the Usk valley.

Results Sept 2011

Inspection of bat boxes in woodland below Erwood Station on 9th September 2011.

Of 12 boxes, nine were empty. One contained a single male Common pipistrelle, another contained nine Brown long-eared bats and the other contained a single very active Brown long-eared bat.


In early autumn male pipistrelles are ready to mate, and do so by taking up temporary territories in which they fly at night, calling out to attract females. A successful male will attract many females that will take up residence with, or very close to, the male. This male appears to have been unsuccessful so far!

The Brown log-eared bats probably form part of a larger maternity colony that has begun to disperse now that the young bats have been weaned. The single very active Brown long-eared bat was probably one that escaped from the box containing the nine bats we recorded.



We will be happy give advice on how to green your home if you e-mail us.

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