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Arts and Crafts at Erwood Station

As we support over 100 artists and crafts people throughout Wales, this section does not hold an artist profile for everyone (it will soon, and we will be selling online!), Erwood Station Craft Centre really is a place you must see with your own eyes. However, on the left hand side, you can select the genre you are interested in as we have included a selection of our artist's work, and our very own Platform One Arts and Crafts Association website.

Follow this link for our christmas youtube video

If you wish to buy any of the Art or Craft you see throughout the pages please do e-mail us.

Also before we set up the online shop there are a few lovely gifts at the bottom of this page which we will post, just scroll down.

If you wish to exhibit your art or craft at Erwood Station Craft Centre please contact us.

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Platform one Arts and Crafts Association

The association exists to promote the richly diverse work of artists and designer-makers living in and around ‘Llewellyn Country’, Wales. The membership is dedicated to the production of unique hand-crafted items and works of art which are exhibited for sale in the GWR carriages.

Platform One Artists can be seen at many events throughout Mid-Wales and the Marches.

Events list available

Email: Platformone@erwood-station.co.uk


For further information

please contact us

Also many of our artists are on Arts Engine

Events 2012;

Smallholders event,
June - Hay
Oct - Brecon food fest
Nov - Hay Food and Craft fayre
Nov - Just for Christmas Erwood


Usual Annual Events;
Libanus Mountain Centre;
May 1/2 term, Easter,
Oct 1/2 term and Throughout Christmas,
Beacon summer Fair bank holliday August.
Events attended so far this year;
Libanus - March, Easter, and Summer fayre Bank Hol' August
March - smallholders builth
June - hay food and craft festival (Sunday)
July - Erwood Anniversary
Aug - Elan Valley Hotel

For Sale over internet and in Shop, not all items will be exactly the same, they are unique and original and someone may have just bought that pair, most of our artist take commissions so we can get you another similar one.

* P&P not included * see artist profile for more info *

Rose Wood Jewellery;

Earings from Left to Right




Tracey Backer;

£9.50 small sheep £12.00 big sheep

£6.50 small hearts £8.50 big hearts

£12.50 I love Ewe heart at bottom

£19.50 pack of hearts


Fairy Kits - makes 2 fairies

£10.00 each.


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