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Home made Cakes

Relax with freshly ground coffee, speciality herbal teas or Welsh Brew tea. Enjoy a selection of cold drinks, like Aber Valley Apple Juice from Talybont on usk. Why not try some of our delicious, locally produced homemade cakes - great to give you enough energy to do the cannon walk, or after a long hard ride on the A470.

Carol Lawrence Cake Lady Welsh Brew Tea


This list is changeable as our freshly baked cakes always differ.

refreshments at erwood station

Pot of Welsh Tea (each) £1.40

Speciality Tea £1.50

Freshly Ground Coffee £1.60


Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso

Mocha chino, Hot Chocolate £1.80

Aber Valley Apple Juice


Bottled Water,                                                     80p

Canned Drinks, Capri Sun

Fruit 50p 

Welsh Cakes 40p

Crisps, Mars, Kit Kat, Chocolate Orange 60p

Butterfly Cakes 60p

Shortbread / Flapjack

Bara Brith (Fat Free) £1.50

Fruit Cake / Viennese Fingers

Sponge Cake Date Slice


Shortbread                                                           £1.80

Coconut and Apricot slice

(Gluten Free)

Light Lunches available for group bookings

book 2 days in advance

£2.50 ham and salad £2.00 Cheese and Tomato


Join the Friends of Erwood Station

To receive 10 Free Tea / Coffee’s

Group discounts also available

Ask us today, or phone 01982 560 674

booking essential


Speciality Teas!!!

Redbush Tea,     Assam,   Pomegranate and Raspberry

Earl Grey,       Strawberry and Mango

Chai,        Green Tea with Citrus

Black currant, Ginseng and Vanilla

Pure Peppermint,     Echinacea and Raspberry

Pure Green Tea,      African Rooibus, strawberry and vanilla

Cherry and Cinnamon,     Orange, Mango and Cinnamon

Camomile, Honey and vanilla,        Pure Camomile

Lemon and Ginger

The Wheelwrights in Erwood

(500 yards over the Bridge)

The Seven Stars Aberedw

Both do excellent lunches.

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