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Glenn Morris

Glenn lives in Llanbadarn-y-Garreg near Builth Wells in Wales.
He has a first class degree in sculpture and is a qualified teacher.
He has exhibited at the Pond Gallery, Aldeburgh, Finite Exhibition, Hadlowin Kent,
Young Contempories, Royal Academy, Portico Gallery in Kent and
Erwood Station Craft Centre.
He has undertaken various commissions, including awards for Hadlow College of Agriculture
and outdoor work for Bromley hospital.He is a member of the Welsh Sculptors Group.
His work is primarily inspired by the human condition and by numerous tripsto the Arctic.

Contact: 07973 732069email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Stone Woman. I like the idea that all things are made of simple 

building blocks. The atoms that make up stone or rocks are, in fact, 

the same ones that make up living things.

Study for singularity. This piece was inspired by my visits to the 

arctic where I have witnessed first hand the melting of the ice and 

listened to the deep concerns of the Arctic people as they watch as 

their culture and environment disappear with Global Warming. It is a 

beautiful place and I have tried to convey the beauty of the female 

form, melting like a stranded iceberg.

Seed.I tried to create an image that suggested a pregnant woman whilst 
using a stone to represent the baby. Stone is a dead material and to 
me suggests stillbirth and the threat to future generations.

Elm Seed. This piece is one of a series that explores our close links 
with nature. Society has become very disconnected with the natural 
world and seems no longer to appreciate the importance of the very 
things that humanity depends on for it's survival.

Fossil. (no image available) This piece is designed to suggest an 

exhibit in a museum, perhaps some time in the future, once again 

hinting at the finite nature of our species.

Vincent Elphick

I firmly believe that creating art can assist in problem solving, communication, expression and externalisation of internal issues and conflicts. It can also provide a powerful and necessary release. For me, art making is about transforming emotions and experiences into creative energy, which is a cathartic and healing experience in itself. Just the act of being deeply engaged in the work brings a sense of soothing and a release of tensions and frustrations.


I try to abstract the forms so that only the essential gestures and poses remain, all other details superfluous to the aesthetic. Each piece is unique and has a purpose to serve, a job to do, and, therefore, I never replicate anything - it simply wouldn’t ‘work’. All my works are hand-crafted from solid, natural materials. The process of transposing my spiritual or emotional imagery into a 3-dimensional physical form demands this. I utilise only a variety of chisels, rasps, rifflers, files and, finally, sandpaper.


Today I sculpt mostly, but not exclusively, in stone: Welsh slate, soapstone, alabaster, marble etc. My choice of media depends heavily upon my mood or the subject matter of any given piece, although I generally utilise softer stone for the more beautiful, spiritual, forms and harder stones for the more graphically emotional works.


“If art has any value it lies in its ability to provoke thought or emotion”

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