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Mike Browning

I make pots because I like messing about with clay and glazes and making stuff to make pots. Clay is so versatile and so easy to recycle if it doesn't look right, while the variability of gas reduction firing lends excitement and the range of colour and texture of stoneware glazes is vast and the pot shapes endless. I have been making and teaching pottery for a long time and for the last twenty five years I have enjoyed the privilege of living in mid Wales.

If you would like to try your hand at potting or would like me to make special pots for you then phone

01686 412538.


Duncan and Karen Browning have been potters for thirty years, making thrown and hand-built pots. They have never done ‘spiel’ about themselves, even when they were selling in Covent Garden; they see their work as an unpretentious practical skill like bricklaying.

Years ago they used to make designer 1930’s style pottery from moulds which were for designer style flats for city living people. At a certain point they had enough and felt that they needed a change, so they broke all of their moulds and started making the style of pottery which they now produce.

The style of their pots is partly influenced by their rural environment and the desire to produce affordable items with a practical use. Therefore, the colours that they use are a combination of earthy tones and turquoise, although they also do produce a blue and white range.

Some of their hand built bowls have a very organic feel to them, and Duncan does produce some slab built pieces which are quite sculptural, whilst Karen prefers to stick to thrown pots, making some delicate little jugs and candle holders.

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