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Key facts smokers should know about vaping

When it comes to quitting smoking, then vaping seems to the perfect choice of substitute to switch to. But is that really so? Let’s take a look at some of the main questions that may arrive when we talk about vaping vs. smoking. We will also check out some interesting facts about vaping.

1.) Vaping is much healthier than smoking

Although there is a non-stop argument whether vaping is really better for you than smoking, the fact of the matter is, that it really is. While there is an argument on the exact substances consumed while vaping, the basic ingredients of vaping are no mystery: they are vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. While VG derives from vegetable oil, propylene glycol is a substance most often used in asthma devices. As for the additional blends, once should always check on the box as to what they contain, but in general their quantity is overall very low. The content of nicotine is either predefined or can be set, if one has a better device. But even consuming nicotine this way makes vaping way healthier than cigarette, because it simply doesn’t contain all the rest of the toxic chemicals which only create while tobacco is literally burning.

2.) Vaping will not risk others’ health

While we all know that passive smoking has a bad effect on the smoker’s environment, the same does not happen when it comes to vaping. That’s why one can or could vape literally anywhere. The steam vaporizers generate can rather be seen than smelt. Therefore, if you vape, you will also save others from the bad effects of passive smoking.

3.) Switching to vaping from smoking is risky

While many may use vaping as a substitute to smoking, the fact of the matter is, that this method can only be useful once the clean switch has happened and the smoker will not keep on going with smoking. While vaping is similar to smoking, it also lacks some of its key elements. This means that while vaping may work well as a substitute, one may keep on smoking while also continue with vaping. The secret of quitting therefore is to leave smoking all in all and gradually also lower the frequency of vaping too.

4.) Vaping saves you money

This is true, especially on the long haul. While you only need to buy the vaper once, one e-liquid can work for weeks, depending on the frequency of vaping and while the atomizer of the device will need to be changed, this still means a lot let financial investment than smoking.

5.) Vaping can be a habit on its own

Similarly to using water pipe or shisha, vaping can be an alone standing habit also for those who don’t switch from smoking. It’s pleasant, it will not risk your health and it’s also environmentally conscious. Thanks to the hundreds of blends out on the market these days, vaping can be turned into a great experimenting of blends.

As you can see vaping has so many more advantages to smoking. If you would like to quit spending money and risk your health with smoking, buy a vaper today and start your experiment with its hundreds of blends.