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What is vaping?

There is lots of talk about vaping ever since it was first introduced as a mass market product and as a healthier alternate to smoking. So, let’s get to see what vaping is and how do vaporizers work.

Vaping itself refers to the process of inhaling of the atomized or vaporized aerosol which the vaper creates. This process has tons of things in common with smoking shisha (water pipe), but while in shisha the water is used as a filter, in the case of the vaper the built-in atomizer serves as a transformer to change the e-liquid’s substance from fluid to an aeriform called vapor which from then on can be breathed in and out, quite similarly to the cigarette smoke.

The vaporizer works with a specific liquid which is simply referred to as an e-liquid. Today there are literally hundreds of real and artificial flavors to make the habit of vaping more attractive for those who are considering quitting smoking cigarettes this way. The e-liquid generally contains a specific amount of nicotine but this is not at all compulsory. As for the other base ingredients these include vegetable glycerin which is natural oil derivate and propylene glycol which is oftentimes used in asthma inhalers too. The reason behind both ingredients is the following: glycerin has the attribute to create lots of vapor but the substance alone is almost impossible to be flavored. That’s why it needs to be paired up with propylene glycol which on the contrary can carry blends very well. This is the segment which will carry all the flavor within the e-liquid.

Vaping dictionary:

To quickly summarize all the vaping related terms in one place.

Vaping: the exact process of using a vaporizer

Vaporizer: the device used for vaping

Vape: the smoke-like substance which users breathe in and out

Vaper: the person who is using a vaporizer.

E-liquid: the blend the user would like to use in the vaporizer

The anatomy of the vaporizer:

While we can get to see tons of different vaporizers which differ in both size and additional qualities, they all share similar attributes when it comes to their working mechanism. Let’s get to see the main components below:

Battery: this is what makes sure of the whole functioning of the device

Tube: this is the long part of the vaporizer which contains the rest of the elements

E-liquid: the actual blended substance to be atomized then inhaled.

Cartridge for the e-liquid: the holder to where users can fill in the e-liquid.

Atomizer: this is another component of key importance. The actual converter, which would convert the liquid to a steam substance.

Cartomizer: the part of e-cigarette holding the cartridge and the atomizer together.

It’s important to note that e-cigarettes are not equal to vaporizers: While e-cigarettes are very small, very cigarette –like but they can be used only once, vapers are entire devices designed for long haul usage.

We hope that this article can help you understand more about vaping and also that it helps clearing some misunderstandings regarding its terms.