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Key misunderstandings about vaping

Vaping, while seemingly a trendy habit still has so many misunderstandings which surround it. This time around we would like to focus some of the key arguments which are raised when it comes to vaporizers and their use.

1.) The “mysterious” ingredients

There are tons of articles out on the internet which talk strictly against vaping. The base of their argument is saying that we don’t know what exactly e-liquids contain. While some say, there is no scientific proof that vaping is better for your health than smoking, others would even enlist scientific results which say that vaping is just as bad as smoking. The fact of the matter is, that overusing any substance can pose risks to our health. As of today, the main ingredients of vaping are confirmed not to be harmful to anyone’s health. The main substances include glycerin which is a vegetable oil derivate, propylene glycol that’s also the main substance included in asthma inhalers to help breathing. The grade nicotine used in e-liquid is pure and therefore it’s way healthier than the nicotine one actually burns while smoking. As for the blends these can be different natural or artificial chemicals but each time around their amount is low enough to pose any health risk. Which is not to say you shouldn’t check out on them: each e-liquid producer works with different substances. If you want to stay on the safe side, then stick with a producer who prefers to use all natural ingredients in their e-liquids.

2.) When you vape you don’t have to consume nicotine

This is true. Unlike using water pipes, which filters out the toxic ingredients with the help of water, yet contains a larger amount of tobacco, vaping is not geared towards the consumption of nicotine. There are tons of e-liquids which do not contain nicotine at all. While there are e-liquids which are sold with a pre-set nicotine content users can choose from, this is not compulsory at all.

3.) You can totally substitute smoking with vaping

If you are doing it the smart way. What generally causes issues is a mental determination which causes smokers to literally panic when it comes to switching smoking with vaping. This can easily result in an over-consumption of BOTH. Which is really bad for your health. That’s exactly why one can choose between two ways: either stop smoking cold turkey and use vaping only after a while or switch smoking with vaping step by step, not setting any deadlines (a way to prevent panic reactions) and gradually finish up with vaping. Vaping is so much fun. There are tons of interesting blends to choose from and as an extra your “steam” will not hurt anyone’s feelings in your environment either. There are courses and other helpful resources you can check out which all provide further guidance on quitting smoking with vaping.

I hope this article helped in clarifying some of the main points of misunderstanding when it comes to vaping. Last but not least: vaping helps and it’s so much healthier.