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Why is vaping regulated?

Today vaping is regulated by more or less the same laws as smoking which is a harsh change from the liberty the habit enjoyed since its arrival roughly ten years ago. While the laws imposed will definitely have a positive effect on vaping there are some aspects which may result in riskier outcomes. But let’s take a look at the main reasons behind these laws on the first place.

Tax income:

We could have started with the enlisting of all the real and hypothetical health related questions which are argued about on a daily level by anti-vaping campaigns the fact of the matter is, that every government has a large income from tobacco products. While vaping was not regulated so far, the government could not impose proper taxes on vaping products. Now, this has changed and every products related to vaping are harshly taxed. This resulted in an overall rise of prices for both the devices and the e- liquids.

Health concerns:

Despite the fact that e-liquids contain glycerin and propylene glycol in a large majority and pharmaceutical graded nicotine in a very small quantity (if any) there are still lots of researches in place concerning the exact health effects of vaping. Anti-vaping campaigns are going strong and thanks to these, today vaping is handled by and large the same way as smoking does, when it comes to public areas.

Let’s quickly add that the core of this argument is based on a misunderstanding with many actually confusing propylene glycol with diethylene glycol which is in fact a harmful material but which e-liquids do not contain.

The main reason behind anti-vaping campaigns is the common fear that some e-liquid blends (bubble gum, strawberry or chocolate) are geared towards the young generation and that many start vaping thanks to these blends, therefore they pose as a danger for kids’ and teenage communities. While we could enlist tons of reasons why this argument is not valid, the fact of the matter is, that anti vaping groups do have a strong effect on the rest of a community and on the long haul these protests can result in even harsher regulations on the long haul.

Anti – smoking campaigns

There are several anti-smoking campaigns all across the country which see and treat vaping exactly the same way as smoking and they act harshly against it. While the ingredient related confusion is largely inexplicable, let’s be realistic: some people will just get outraged when seeing others visibly smoke or vape. This is very unfortunate because while many smokers have switched to vaping, therefore expecting a better treatment from their communities, in lack of a positive feedback, the chances of them switching back to smoking is way higher than before.

All we have to add is, that we do hope that the treatment of vaping will gradually change for the better. As it’s been confirmed several times, vaping is way healthier than smoking. Therefore those who switch to vaping should be encouraged instead of being attacked for “smoking”.