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Facts that people get wrong about vaping

Vaping has been a trend in the past couple of years, either as an alone standing habit or as a replacement habit for those who have the intention to quit smoking. There are several facts people get misinformed about when it comes to vaping and this time around I would like to clarify some of these.

1.) Vapers are different from e-cigarettes

In fact, these are two completely different products, yet media and articles often refer to vapers as e cigs and the other way round. To clarify this misunderstanding, e-cigarettes are the collective name for the disposable devices which look exactly like a cigarette, but which can only be used once. The disposable e cigs come with a very limited selection of flavors, and they can mostly be acquired at gas stations. Most vaping shops do not deal with e cigs. Vapers, on the other hand, are more complicated and larger devices. This is necessary to ensure that the vaper can be used for a longer period. This also means a high-functioning refillable battery and a much larger cartridge for the flavors. Vapers are officially called AVPs (Advanced Personal Vaporizers) which function with the help of an atomizer and which can be used for a whole day without the need to be recharged.

2.) The ingredients are safe to inhale

There are several people who have their arguments against vapers on the mysterious ingredients which can be found in the e-liquids, citing various resources which released articles e-liquid contents being as dangerous to health as the substance of a regular cigarette. Luckily today you can get to learn a lot about the ingredients of all the e-liquids. But let’s stick with the basics for now: the main ingredient of all e-liquid is vegetable glycerin (most producers use certified organic glycerin, but you can easily check on that before buying a certain brand). This substance derives from fat and to date no scientists could produce any solid proof on it being dangerous to health in anyways. The other key ingredient is propylene glycol which is also a primary ingredient of asthma inhalers and it’s also safe to inhale. As an extra, it is very easy to flavor. The third basic ingredient is nicotine, and it comes in various dosages depending on one’s personal taste. We all know nicotine is toxic in high quantity, but that’s exactly why the content of all e-liquid stays within the safe consuming grades.

3.) You don’t even have to have nicotine in an e-liquid

Indeed not all e-liquids come with nicotine content at all. And it’s not a compulsory ingredient to any e-liquid. While the smokers who switch to vaper may require a certain amount of nicotine to help to quit this way, this grade can be gradually lowered down to zero. A lot of e-liquids do not contain nicotine at all because vaping focuses on the habit of vaping – inhaling and exhaling the smoke-like substance the atomizer generates.

We hope that this clarifies some of the key misunderstandings regarding vaping and that more people will switch from smoking to vaping in the future.